You already know the problem... but did you know how rapidly it is deteriorating?

  • Greater competition for workers from inside and outside the care sector

  • Loss of migrant workers

  • Poor public image of care work

  • Low pay, unsocial hours, emotionally and physically challenging work

  • Covid impacts - burnt out workforce, mandatory vaccinations etc.

Designed specifically for in-house social care recruiters

I created this Masterclass Course in 2018 as a paid course but shortly after, I founded Care Friends, the employee referral app for social care, and got too busy to sell the course widely.

Fast forward to 2021 and the worst recruitment crisis in my memory is hitting the sector.

Given that, I want this resource to be available to help as many care providers as possible, so now it is free access for all.

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  • Neil Eastwood

    Course Instructor

    Neil Eastwood

    Neil is an authority on care recruitment and author of a book on this topic called Saving Social Care. He is also Founder and CEO of Care Friends, the employee referral app for the sector operated in partnership with Skills for Care.

    Neil has spent the past thirteen years researching and testing best practice methods of finding and keeping care workers, helping care companies transform their recruitment process. He was previously a director at a national home care provider with 10,000 staff and speaks internationally on how care employers can find and keep great staff.

    His Care Friends app operates in the UK, Ireland and Australia and is used by over 30,000 care workers, 500 employers and has generated £1.2M in reward points for care workers to date.

Neil's book Saving Social Care is about solving the sector's #1 challenge: how to provide enough quality care for an ageing society.

It gives practical help and advice to care employers on who to look for as their next frontline care employee, where to find them, how to screen them and, critically, 20 great ways of keeping them.

All author royalties are donated to the Care Workers' Charity.

Neil created the Care Friends app in 2018 and after successful pilots in Surrey and Cornwall, launched in 2020 in partnership with Skills for Care. The app allows care workers to earn points for referring their friends to work at the company as well as bonus points for good work and accomplishments.

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